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CJSC ,,G&G Snekkerhus” team has been successfully operating for more than a decade. Permanent successful investments, high-quality and responsible work are the main factors which lead us to our success. A cohesive team makes our collaboration very fast as well as helps to achieve quick and high-quality results. We constantly communicate with our customers in order to understand them better and provide necessary decisions as well as properly perform our work. The results we have achieved and the working base we have created demonstrate a high level of qualification of our employees. Successful projects reflect high quality of the services we provide and fulfilled our clients’ requirements. The innovative company is ready to further expand its activities and receive the highest assessment.

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Our specialization

The goal of every project remains the same as always – fast and the highest quality results. A satisfied customer is our goal & it’s always great to see how a competent team keeps moving towards company goals.

Construction of prefabricated houses

Prefabricated houses are very suitable for those who want to build a high-quality and warm house in a short period of time!

Interior and exterior finishing

Interior finishing is one of the most important stages in the completion of our projects. A fully furnished is a completed house with furniture and appliances

Construction of panel houses

We produce high quality panel houses from beginning to turnkey projects. We ensure 100% quality!

Roofing and reconstruction

We provide high quality roofing works. While working in Norway, we have acquired extensive experience in that area.

What Our Clients Say

The staircase is a wonderful way to elevate the look of your entire home. It is an important part of every house interior design. Well-selected, high-quality wooden stairs will add a touch of class to your interior.
G&G SnekkerHus has built a six-person apartment building to us in Batsfjord. The partnership has worked very satisfactorily. We are very please with the way they work and impressed with the end result.
Lasse Eriksen
D.e eiendom AS
The perfect evening recipe is a good book and a hot bath after a long working week.

Our recent projects

It is very important for us to see that our customers appreciate our work and choose our services again. We always share our implemented projects and new challenges, so that you are available to follow our activities more closely.

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We work in the industrial, commercial, and private sectors.

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